Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tom and Mary Jo, Sugar Time

In this picture, my mother's brother Tom Petty (1908-1979) is getting a little sugar from his wife Mary Jo Johns (1913 - 2000)., in front of the Christmas Tree.

Tom was from Murray County, Georgia, northwest of Chatsworth and Mary Jo was from Calhoun, Georgia.
They had no children.

Tom had an interesting trip in his formative years:  When a adolescent he moved with his family to Gillespie, Wyoming, where my mother was born.  At that time there were seven kids.  They lived there a couple of years but found out they couldn't make a living homesteading, so went back east.  Their mother and the younger kids returned east by train.  Their father and the two older boys, Tom and Wallace carried their wagon and livestock across land, seeing a good part of the yet to mature United States.  They got to sleep under the stars at night.  Talk about quality time!



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