Monday, December 16, 2013

?s Replaced! or The Redo

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I put this same picture (Mrs Killenbeck's 2nd grade class at Waterman Street School) on the other day  with names, but a lot I had ? because I didn't remember.   Thanks to anonymous I have been recharged. 
1st row from right to left:
Edward Bennett, Richard Hopkins, Tommy Coyle, Shirley Prisset, Walker Gaines, Janice Benson, Eddie Hunter, Tony Partain*, Robert Martin, Janice Carroll, Gresham Howren
2nd row from right to left:
Archie Richardson, Marvin Grant, Brenda Reid, Alice Tibbitts, Peggy Rainwater, Billie Dobbins, Jerry Flowers, Joe Budd, Janice Belmore, Elizabeth Hawthorn, Samuel Carson
3rd row from right to left:
Mrs. Charles Killingbeck, P??? Smith, Linda Sue Nalley, June Metcalf, Helen Barrett, Frankie Holder, Tony Heath, Grant Evans, Dickie Hudgins

*How could I not remember Tony Partain?  He lived around the corner and one year I was a guest to his birthday party and broke his new wood burning kit.


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