Friday, December 27, 2013

The Twin Towers and King Kong & the Atlanta Twin Towers

Although my mind is receiving little short twitches of pain every time I move I think I am going to write something on the blog, to earn my pay, so to speak.  My fellow blogger and facebook friend Judy Kenju said to put something on it every day, even if it is the grocery list.

Anna said she is going to the grocery store do I have anything to add to the list.   "No", I said.

Now what?

Sort of, in the back of my mind I have been thinking about the Twin Towers that were in New York until September 11, 2001.   And that reminded me of in the King Kong movie that Kong climbed the Twin Towers.

So, I Gloogled King Kong and The Twin Towers and got this above movie poster.

I hadn't counted on this, but I got this one of King Kong saving the Twin Towers.

And while I had "King"  and "Twin Towers" on my mind, I  Googled King and Queen Towers in Atlanta.

Maybe I should have used the grocery list.


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