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Mrs Killenbeck's 2nd Grade Class at Waterman Street School, c1948

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c1948, Waterman Street School, Mrs. Killenbeck's 2nd Grade Class:

1st Row:  Gresham Howren, Elizabeth , ? , Robert Martin, ?, Eddie Hunter , Janice Benson, Walker Gaines, Pat Rainwater (maybe), ?, ?, and ?.

2nd Row:  Sam Carsley, Elizabeth Hawthorne,  ____ Belmont,  ?, Jerry Flowers,  ?,  ?, Alice Tibbits, JoAnn Somebody maybe,  Marvin Grant,  and Archie Richardson

3rd Row:  ?, ?,  Tony Hester,  Frankie Holder, ?, ?, ?, ?, and Mrs. Killenbeck.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eddie here is the list of your classmates from the picture the Museum has.
1st row from right to left:
Edward Bennett, Richard Hopkins, Tommy Coyle, Shirley Prisset, Walker Gaines, Janice Benson, Eddie Hunter, Tony Partain, Robert Martin, Janice Carroll, Gresham Howren
2nd row from right to left:
Archie Richardson, Marvin Grant, Brenda Reid, Alice Tibbitts, Peggy Rainwater, Billie Dobbins, Jerry Flowers, Joe Budd, Janice Belmore, Elizabeth Hawthorn, Samuel Carson
3rd row from right to left:
Mrs. Charles Killingbeck, P??? Smith, Linda Sue Nalley, June Metcalf, Helen Barrett, Frankie Holder, Tony Heath, Grant Evans, Dickie Hudgins

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