Sunday, December 15, 2013

Facebook Reject

The below post was posted on Facebook first.  It got no like or dislike, no recognition at all.  I said to myself, "I'll show them!"  Isn't that what the Mad Scientist said?

NEW PROPOSED PUBLIX COMMERCIAL: You know how heartwarming those Christmas Publix commercials are? They get you right here (me pointing to my heart). But do you remember them? The details? Truthfully, to me they all sort of blend in. I think you might more likely remember the commercial if it went more like a reality program: First of all the kids were disappointed over what Santa brought them and start crying and cursing (which is beeped out), then the mother blames it all on the father why they couldn't afford any better presents and then the father gets mad and starts shouting and cursing (beeped out) and then the mother picks up the beautiful turkey on the dining room table and is about to throw it at the husband and he says, "Wait! We bought that beautiful bird at Publix!" and then the wife gently puts it down and the camera focuses in on the beautiful turkey. No one is smiling but the teenage daughter and her sleazy uncle because they are playing footsies under the table.


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