Monday, December 30, 2013

Rest In Peace

Fifteen people* below died in 2013 that I had feelings for or I had feelings for the person/people that did have feelling for them.   Their leaving makes  life in this world emptier.    And at our age I think 2014 will have more than 15.

Bobby Pegg,   In-law
Christine Haley Milford Brown cousin's mother.
Dee York,  Noonday Church friend.
Donna Mullinax, high school friend
Gloria Crain Spence Edwards, cousin
Jackie Turner,  life long friend
Janice Houston Dilbeck, a step relative
Louise Smith,  family friend
McPherson, David Leo ,  cousin In-law's brother
Mike Wester,  high school friend
Roxie West,  lifetime friend's mother
Ruby Thorton, Family  friend
Ruth Prance,  Anna's aunt
Sam Carsley,, life time friend
Tim Hunt,  fairly new friend.

*There are probably more than 15, some  I just don't know  about the others  yet.


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