Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My CHRISTMAS in the %&@*&! ER

I'M BACK HOME!    We are back from the ER,  now,  I am wearing a catheter again.   We had to postpone our family Christmas dinner  that was to be held here today..   Before I get into nauseating details let me tell you a true incident that just happened:  Anna ring fell and hit the floor and almost rolled over the furnace grid that leads to the basement .  If it had rolled just another inch or two it might had ended up the furnace.  I said, "Today must be our lucky day!" 

When Anna made the announcement on facebook so many of you were concerned,  thank you, I am touched, more ways than one.  What happen all day yesterday I had a hard time urinating.  I could only dribble and drop, very little at a time.  Since my prostate operation this situation of having a hard time urinating has increasingly grown worse.  Yesterday, I went from  about 6 or 8 pm until 4 am without peeing at all.  I only got  about one hour's sleep.   Well, at 4am I hadn't urinated yet so I woke Anna and we called the urologist office and the PA on duty told me to go to the ER.  Which we did.  They immediately gave me a catheter to relieve the pressure.  The ER's urologist and the on-duty urologist of the group I go to, looked at it.  By running exploratory catheters down my pee-pee my urologist group's on duty doctor    determined  the healing of the prostate operation caused some big scars.  Big enough to block the path of the urine flow.  Now, they will, in steps, at their office, ream it out, so to speak.

All the people  that got involved in this, doctors, PAs, and nurses they were all very friendly and treated me like kin or a friend rather than a patient with a number.

My urologist group's doctor, when he first enter and lifted my hospital gown to see what he was dealing with said something to the effect that, "Here, Modesty  goes out the window."  Which was very true, two female nurses , two mail nurses, and two doctors looked over my private parts and I think most had reason to get their hands on my stuff  - with rubber gloves on of course.  I thought about making a wise-crack saying they need a fisheye mirror like convenience stores have so the people walking down the hallway would not miss the show.   But I didn't.

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Do it yourself plan B: self catherization.

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