Sunday, May 06, 2012

Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree in May

This past Saturday evening was the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree at the Woodstock Community Church. The music was great.

As an added bonus for being the first ones of the audience to go into the sanctuary we got to hear a performer help out the control booth fine tune the sound system. The performer played a bawdy-type song of his lover’s tattooed body. It was a map tattoo of the United States with its valleys and mountains – need I say more?

The first group was the Toonighs. They played two songs I that I really liked. One was about the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, which I perked up to. I think it was the first time I heard Marietta and Kennesaw Mountain in a song. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain caused me to be here today. My great grandfather, from Franklin, North Carolina, fought on and was shot in the knee during the battle. He recuperated in a private home just around the corner from the Woodstock Community Church, and very close to the original Rope Mill. The other song was another Civil War song – The Mission Ridge Battle in Chattanooga.

It is a small world. Danny, the violin player of the Jot Em Down Boys, was college roommates with the son of the Mr & Mrs of the Toonigh players. Danny played with them a couple of songs.

The Jot Em Boys were great, as aways.

The pictures slide show went back showing single pictures, one at a time of nature and Family of Man type photos. I thought that was an excellent choice.

A big moon in the sky topped off the evening.

The video are just bits and pieces of what you missed if you didn’t come.



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