Wednesday, May 09, 2012

GOBAG Man of the Year Banquet

Sometimes you get what you paid for. For example Jackie hired a photographer at a dirt cheap price to take pictures of the GOBAG Man of the Year Banquet. Jackie went to the extra effort of lining everybody up for a picture-perfect group picture. He prearranged for the photographer to be where needed at the right time. He handed the award to Paul and made some witty and wise comments.. At the moment it appeared everything went off according to plan.

Later in the evening, after the group had dispersed and went their separate ways the photographer sat down at his computer to edit the video footage and Opps! Wait! Something went wrong! There were at least two minutes during the award presentation that showed nothing but the photographer’s shoes!

That is not exactly the kind of thing you can call everybody back to reenact the scene - another chance of getting it right.

Oh well.

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