Thursday, May 10, 2012


Most people, seeing the above picture, will think it is the statue of the girl overlooking the Savannah River, waving at seafaring vessels, or her boyfriend on a vessel. Well, that might be that, and again, it might not.

She might be waving bye to a section of my blog readers who has just taken flight. I told you my theory before – my blog readers are just like a huge flock of birds in a tree – if one bird takes flight so do hundreds of others. It happens every once in a while. I have no doubt that in time they will be replaced by others or they will return. It happens now and then.

This time about 50 suddenly left.

I guess I’ll have to display the Hoochee Coochee girls picture again to lure them back.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hoochee Coochee girls reminded me of a carnival that played in the 1950's on a grassy area on Roswell Road, in front of the American Legion, if memory serves. I can't remember if we went under the Hoochee Coochee tent or how we got into the girly show that night, but we were young and foolish and the show was so gross, pitiful and pathetic. The topless bottomless craze in bars in California in the late 60's was much classier and redeemed that earlier childhood episode.

8:17 AM  

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