Friday, May 11, 2012


The Invisible Man and Mrs Invisible Lady visited a fast food chicken franchise that just opened near the hospital. The cashier took their order and money. He gave them a ticket with number 17 on it. He told them to listen out for that number.

They got their drinks at the self-serving drink dispenser and then sat down and waited for their number to be called. And waited …. and waited.

By the time they were calling out number 39 a lady employee cleaning off tables noticed the look of the invisible couple of concerned each time a number was called. She asked them what was their number . One of the invisible people said, “17.” She took their ticket and showed the people behind the counter, including the manager. Everybody went scrambling , scattering around and asking the kitchen employees about number seventeen. It vanished. They printed off the original order and redid it. Although it still took a while.

Finally the manager came out with the orders, an apology, and two coupons for free meals on their next visit. He also had an excuse, which he quickly added “was no excuse” – what was ordered, grilled chicken strips threw them off, because the lunch rush was over, and some things just aren’t cook and ready in the off hours – but according to him that wasn’t an excuse. With the free meal coupons we gladly accepted his apology.

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