Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2012 Varner Reunion Pictures 2nd Installment

Middle Joel Jackon, right Larry Sparks

OK, I know I am a day later than I promised so sue me.  I was delayed by a domestic distrubance or a neighbor squabble. 

I put what names I knew or could make out on the names tags and I also went back to the previous post of Varner pictures and did the same.  Please let me know if you see an error.

Mr & Mrs Fred Williams

Christine & Joe Jenkins

Neal Lawrence

Joel Jackosn with black shirt, Pat McPherson with a hat

Ralph McEntyre & Harry Hansen in background

Center Marvin Shaw, white shirt Jerry Weaver

Mickey & Sharon Smith Griffin
Mickey and I go back at least 60 years to Boy Scouts and paper delivering days.

Kathy Smith Reed

Sally Williamson & James Kirk

Jack & the Mrs Barfield

Brothers Ralph & Bobby McEntyre and Steve Hansen

Bill Dunaway & Monty Calhoun

Joe Harshbarger

I will try to make the final installment in a day or so, stay tuned.


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