Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We Were Delighted With DELI DELIGHTS!

Today Anna and I were West of the Marietta square looking for a place to eat lunch. We were not completely sure where we wanted to go when on Whitlock Avenue we saw what looked like Tony the Tiger doing some kind of wiggle dance and holding up a sign advertising a new deli. Who could resist?

We were directed into the same shopping center as Gabriel’s and Chicken and the Egg, . Both places are good, but both have drawbacks. Gabriel’s is always crowded at lunch by locals who want to be seen at Garbriel’s, which makes for longer waiting time. The Chicken and Egg is just too pricey for a quick lunch.

We considered the new Mexican restaurant, Loco Willie’s, but then there was the Tiger attraction. We kept driving toward the end of the shopping center, and DELI DELIGHTS was there, just like Tony the Tiger said near the Burnt Hickory Road entrance.

We were the only customers until several others came as we finished. I ordered a Reuben sandwich on rye, and Anna ordered a turkey sandwich on multi-grain. Both sandwiches were plentiful and fresh! The sandwiches were very typical deli-type, each coming with a bag of chips of your choice. They were delicious!! The cookies are good too!!

The lady-owner was sitting next to us and spoke with a strong New York or New Jersey accent. The décor is done in 50’s diner style with her touch of antique collectibles. She and her husband, who was behind the counter, knew their deli foods. She was very friendly, discussing various restaurants in the area and seems to enjoy going to different non-franchised restaurants as much as we do.

We wish DELI DELIGHTS the best in their new business adventure. We will be back! Yummmm!



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