Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Checking Out the movie FLYPAPER

FLYPAPER starring Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tim Blake Nelson (Oh Brother, where Art Thou?) and directed by Rob Minkoff was an interesting movie. I ran a google to get some of the names and noticed that several people said it was “Rotten Tomatoes”.

Well, I wouldn’t say it was Rotten Tomatoes, but the complexity of what all was going on was complicated and confusing to the point I said, “The heck with it, it may not make sense, but the dialog sure is funny!” And it was.

The story line, or plot, is that a few minutes before closing time at a bank two redneck holdup artists pullout their guns and announce this is a hold up. About the same time, three masked men, more military précised, pull out their gun and announce the same thing. Then as the movie unfolds you can see clues being planted in your mind and other hints suggesting that this may be more complex than a bank being held up by two competing bank robber groups. There may be some inside robbery going on, and also some embezzlement being covered up. See? It gets complicated.

It is a comedy of errors, very funny, and people are killing each other left and right. Man, is that funny or what? It is a good movie to check out- if you don't try to follow all the details.



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