Monday, January 16, 2012

Tales From The City Cemetery of Marietta

Here lies my 5th grade teacher Alberta Shouse Kinney. Many times I have told the story of when Van C pushed me up the against the fire escape railing and gashed my forehead she stayed with me holding an icepace to my head until my father could arrive and rush me to the old hospital.

Below are two tales, sort of. The Clay family plot is only a stone's lob to the Phagan family plot. In the Clay family plot is Hubert Clay's grave. Hubert was one time Mayor of Marietta and another time a curcuit judge of north Georgia, but his biggest claim to infame, will probably be that he helped orchestrate the illegal lynching of Leo Frank, the one convicted of killing and raping Mary Phagan.

Also below is the tale of The Lady in Black. I remember seeing her, but I kept my distance, for no reason.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was Miss Shouse's 2nd floor classroom that someone threw something of mine out the window onto the top of the entrance way covering. I climbed out to get it and she got all upset. I was too dumb to realize how unsafe that was.

Mike D

11:12 AM  

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