Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Mustn't Be Late For an Important Date

The past two posts had me waiting on the elevator in the basement talking to Billy triggered off more memories than I realized I had. Now, let us step inside the elevator at basement level:

There was a clerk, I don’t remember his name, but he was typically self-centered that thought his job was the most important in the building (Federal Annex) and don’t anybody get in his way doing it.

His job was to accumulate the figures of the mail volume broken down in different sections, such as States, Atlanta, North Georgia, South Georgia, etc. and have the report sitting on the Operation Manager’s desk every morning.

His little office was in the basement also. He walked at a hurried pace. He reminded me of the white rabbit who kept looking at his watch saying he mustn’t be late in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Once while I was walking towards the elevator door I saw him step in and press a button I thought he was pressing the button to hold the door opened until I got there. WRONG! He pressed the “Close Door” button.

The next time I was in the elevator saw him coming I returned the favor. War was declared.

We quit speaking and definitely would not be in the elevator at the same time. For the next few months until he retired he either would shut the door on me or I would shut it on him.

After he retired in the middle of the night one time he called the Time Keeper’s office and asked for me. When I came to the phone he identified himself and apologized. After that, he called several other times and asked for me and we would talk. I picked up by his slurring words and his words preferences he was drunk each time he called.

After a few times he quit callling. I was glad, he hindered my work process. I don't know what ever happened to him.

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