Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bob's Luck

This last Christmas season when Bob was up from Florida, about 15 days before he died, he told me that several years ago he bought a very expensive engine. I am not sure if it was a boat engine or an auto engine. It was his dream to own an engine like that and he came across an affordable one – it was affordable because it needed parts and repairs.

For the next couple of years Bob replaced the damaged parts on the engine as he came across extra money. He finally got it fixed up like a new engine, which he said cost him over $20,000. He said his dream then was to put it to use. He dreamed about his big sparkling shiny engine running. He couldn’t wait until that day.

Of course the engine was on some kind of stand to work on in his wife’s garage across the street. Bob lived in Florida.

Bob forgot to consider the human factor, which should be considered in any type of planning. One of his kids’ friend desperately needed some money. He sold Bob’s prized $20,000 engine for $35.

When Bob told me the above, he told me very calmly. Bob was the type that would explode and go into a rage over little details that went wrong. He told his ex-wife he thought his brain tumor was coming back. Maybe that was proof.

If Bob didn’t have bad luck he wouldn’t have had any luck at all.

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