Monday, January 09, 2012

First Night of the Woodstock Blugrass Jamberee

This past Saturday night we went to the new Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree at Woodstock Community Church in Woodstock on Rope Mill Road.

Over 20 years ago we went to a Boy Scout hobo supper at an old wood sided church on Rope Mill Road. I think it was probably the same church. I was expecting to come upon the same old church building as we drove in the dark. Time changes. Now, it is a big modern building with huge windows on two sides of the sanctuary.

There were two Bluegrass groups playing at the first-ever Woodstock bluegrass Jamboree: The Sawnee Creek Band and the Jot’Em Down Boys.

The Sawnee Creek Band was from Forsyth County. I thought they were good. They had a lady violin player that was recently named the best fiddler in Georgia.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture. Above is a picture I lifted from their website. The Sawnee Creek Band was all from the same church and leaned towards gospel music.

The Jot’em Down Boys also had a lot of gospel music. I think there is a fine line between bluegrass and gospel. If you go to a bluegrass concert you are going to hear some gospel.

We have watched the Jot’em Boys perform over years: first at the Acworth Opry at Logan’s Barn; secondly at Kennesaw Opry, then one time we went to see them at Canton, but the information on the website was wrong, they were not there. I think the two brothers are the foundation of the group and play in a reserved manner and two others do most of the talking and get carried away. They complemented each other to, like Ying and Yang, make a lively show. It is always enjoyable to see them. Then, there is the banjo player who can go either way.

It was announced then that there will be a bluegrass jamboree the first Saturday of every month at the Woodstock Community Church, at 7pm.

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