Monday, January 23, 2012

Curses!! I Think I Have A Curse!

Have you ever read the book THINNER by Stephen King? There was also a movie by the same name that I didn’t see. The plot is that protagonist accidentally runs over a gypsy woman and the woman’s gypsy father puts a curse on him by touching him and simply saying, “Thinner!” And then he rapidly got thinner.

I wonder if we have been cursed too. I’m trying to remember if I treated somebody unfairly or was rude to someone and their father touched me and said “Your basement floods!” If that happened it was probably right before Thanksgiving.

A day before Thanksgiving while washing clothes our septic tank let loose and flooded our basement. We cleaned it up and had a septic tank company to pump out and repaired our septic tank.

Three days after it was repaired it happened again. We had the septic tank company to come out again and dug it up and said the problem was not with the septic tank but within the house but he put his suction machine on full power and popped out what was blocking the system, within the house. And, it was fixed again.

We thought our water problem in the basement was behind us and then a few weeks ago it happened again while we were washing clothes. We had a plumbing company come out and check it out. They duplicated the situation by running the washing machine. The washing machine filled up with water and then went into the spin cycle, which shot the water out to the septic tank. They didn’t see a thing wrong. They didn’t change us anything.
We thought maybe it was a one-time freak combination of things and now maybe it was over with.
Saturday I went down to the basement to put the washed clothes into the dryer and the basement was flooded and water was still flowing from the washer. The washer was completely full of water and was overflowing and the water was still being fed to it. The washer did not turn automatically turn its water supply off and go into a spin cycle to rid itself of the water.

We manually turned the dial to spin cycle and it stopped the incoming water and centrifugal forced all the water out to the septic tank.

With the shop-vac I vacuumed up the water. The canister holds 6 gallons. I started off counting the times I dumped the water into the back yard and lost count. I think it was either 48 or 54 gallons dumped.

How does one go about ridding themselves of a curse? Stay tuned?

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Anonymous Nurse Tilda said...

Try a bandaid

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