Saturday, January 28, 2012

ONE FOR THE MONEY On the Big Screen

Yesterday we went to a movie theater to see ONE FOR THE MONEY starring Katherine Heigl, Sherri Shepherd, and others; directed by Julie Ann Robinson; and produced by Tom Rosenberg. Based on the first book of the series by Janet Evanovich, I'd categorize it as a comedy/action story. Taking place in Trenton, New Jersey, everyone lives up to the stereotypes of that state.

I read the book a year or so ago. It is the only book of the Stephanie Plum 18 book series that I've read. The movie was good entertainment giving Katherine Heigi a good role to showcase her talents, if you know what I mean. The book described her being left handcuffed naked to a shower rod. I was curious to see how that was to be handled in the movie. It lived up to the story discretely.

The movie was enjoyable as are the books (Anna has read them all), but don't go looking for significant redeeming social qualities. The books and the movie are just good for a chuckle. See the trailer below:



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