Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UnInvited Guests at the White House

First it was the Salahis who crashed the State Dinner held at the White House Nov. 24th.

Next it was Harvey and Paula Darden, Obama supporters from Hogansville, Ga.. They had a tour appointment, but it was for the next day and somehow the Dardens ended up having a ceremonial breakfast with the President and other guest (invited).

The Dardens said they did not intend to waltz by the Secret Service, somehow they were ushered in, I suppose, the ones in charged thought they were someone else.

I have been keeping this a secret but now I’ll go ahead and tell it.

Not long ago I was in DC and had to pee real bad. At my age, an enlarged prostate is murder. I spend much of my time dancing on my tiptoes and holding my groin.

In DC, the urge hit me. I had to go right then! I saw a big white house with lovely sculptured bushes and trees on the lawn. If I could only make it to behind one of those trees or bushed.

I ran by a Marine guard in a booth. I told him I had to go and see a man about a dog. He said, “Bo?” I shrugged, I didn’t know what he meant. But I laughed as if I caught on to his quip.

He laughed back and waved me on.

I got behind a row of bushes and trees and did my business. Man, did that feel good!

A man with a clipboard walked up and asked was I ready. Not wanting to look dumb, I said, “Sure, any time!”

He lead on through the foliage until we got to a little outside cement pad with a basketball goal post.

The man said “here he is!”

Then of all people, the President of the United States came running up and threw me a basketball and it said, “Its your Senator!”

I am no basketball player. I don’t even know the fundamentals and more importantly, I don’t even know the “Why?”

But, I had the ball and the president called me senator. So, I stood in one place, twisted and turned (I have seen them do that on TV) and threw it at someone else. He jumped up to block it and it bounced back, hit my head and the ball went up in the air and fell right through the goal.

“Wow!” Everybody said.

I smiled. I mockingly took a bow.

Then a little short fat man in sweats came out onto the court and said, “I’m sorry I’m late!”

The man who first led me there looked very confused. Five Secret Service men jumped on me and brought me to the ground while five more shielded the President. They kept asking me how I got in.

I told them I had to pee but since I was there would someone take my camera a take a picture of the President and me.

I was shooed off the premises.

Boy, that was embarrassing

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