Sunday, December 20, 2009


The FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THOSE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERS by Gilbert Shelton, I think is fantastic comic sequential art. One action usually cause a series of events to unfold. The Freak Brothers comic genre is one of the few that I burst out laughing alone at. Usually at am very reserved with my cackling. I think shocking unexpected things causes one's funny bone to be shaken, and the brothers are constantly showing sudden disrespect to authority - well, it catches me off guard every time.

Also, mostly as a page filler, their is FAT FREDDIE'S CAT at the bottom of many of the pages. It is drawn so tiny you may have to click on it several times to bring up to size to be viewed. Then you will see a full scale roach war with roach tanks, roach armies and all.

Gilbert Shelton is not a stranger to CHICKEN-FAT. His work of WONDER WART HOG was a post not long ago.



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