Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Time - Run Right Though It

I heard a statistic someplace that during the Christmas season suicides are higher than other times in the year. Why is that? I don’t pretend to know why, but I suppose with all the lovely and dramatic Christmas music and heart warming gut-wrenching stories and bout families and religious relations it causes one to reflect on one’s self.

That is what “reflect” is isn’t it.? To look at one’s self, as in “reflection”, as in “mirror”. And if you don’t like what you see you may try to do something about it. I hope not.

I think maybe the reason there are not more suicides this time of the year is that it is just too darn busy and planned out. Making plans for shopping what for whom, looking for the right venue, actually shopping, preparing for parties, parties, juggling everyday routines and sicknesses into the holiday season…. It is a hit-the-floor running kind of day just about every day of December, sick or not.

Very few people take the time to stop, reflect, and wallow in one’s own misery.

Our avoidance of the simple self-reflecting might be an imbedded defense mechanism.

Then after it is all over with you take a breath thinking you got through it all and then suddenly you remember New Years is just a few days away.

Here we go again!

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