Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Were Young Once

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No one said we were young once. We didn’t have to. We all knew it. Because we all witnessed each other being in our formative years.

Now, we are old but we still have our memories of our youth, which we are willing to share and remind each other at our Tuesday late afternoon Good Old Boys meeting.

It is official now. We are something, I'm not sure what. We are on a roll with our addresses and email addresses, and we also tossed money into the kitty. But I do know we all grew up in Marietta at the same time.

Monty did an excellent job orchestrating the happening and making delicious chili, hotdogs, coleslaw, and homemade ice cream chilled with hot ice.*

Now, it time go be back being an old man with heart and cholesterol problems again.

*By the way, did you know you have to be of legal age to buy hot ice?

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