Friday, May 22, 2009

Slopes BBQ Is Back!!!

“I didn’t know it went anywhere” you might reply.

Wait, wait. There are several Slopes BBQ, mostly in the north Fulton County area. There was one in nearby Woodstock which we went to often. They closed down a year or two ago.

When we wanted Slopes barbecue we had to drive over to Roswell.

Their pork seemed less fatty than other barbecue restaurants. And what delicious taste is missing from less fat Slope’s barbecue sauce more than makes up for it.

I like Slopes for the food but there is something non-pretentious about them that I like also.

Now, there is a newly opened Slopes BBQ at Cobb Place Shopping Center on Earnest Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. We have been there twice. Now, as a get-reacquainted offer you can buy one rib for a buck to go along with our meal. The rib I ordered on our first visit was meaty but the one on the second visit was not quiet as meaty.

They have good Brunswick stew and coleslaw too.

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