Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Marietta Train Depot - Inside

Here is the interior of the Marietta Train Depot many years ago.

This picture was taken before my time but we used to visit this office from time to time. I think his wife and he probably had Van late in life. They had also had a much older son. They seemed old compared to my other friends’ parents.

He was a frugal old man - or maybe you could even call him a tightwad. I remember they were the only family I knew who didn't own a car.

When we went to a movie Van sometimes had to drop by and beg his father for admission. It was like getting blood out of a turnip. Usually, after Van pleaded and pleaded Carl would grudgingly give up 15¢ or a quarter - sometimes, not always.

If I remember correctly the old man kept a worried look which even worried-intensified when I was picking up everything in his office to look at.

Carl looked like he worked in a Train Depot office selling tickets and doing the paper work for shipments. He always wore a tie and was serious. He was also tall and lean. That seemed to be qualification for railway clerks and hometown grocery store owners.

Next door to the Depot was The Kennesaw House which was another place we visited and ran down the halls playing chase, it was another place that worried eyes followed us.

The depot now is the Marietta Visitor Center with a big supply of local brochures.

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Great story, great memory. You always astonish me.

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