Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quantum of a Shoelace?

I watched the latest James Bond thriller Quantum of Solace yesterday. The good thing about watching a rented dvd at home you can watch as you see fit. In my case, I had a lot to do, laundry and a few short errand trips, so I watched it in segments.

I think Sean Connery and Roger Moore spoiled me. I like their snobbish cold-blooded dry wit and the gadgets they fooled with; like suddenly pulling a pair of small twin rockets out of their brief case and shooting out of the window, or quickly assembling a small go-cart size helicopter.

Q is dead and the gadgets quit coming.

The latest James Bond is Daniel Craig. This is Daniel’s second Bond movie. Where the first two Connery and Moore come off as charming witty killers that occasionally smile or smirk, Craig comes of with as a compulsive homicidal maniac that exercise his license to kill freely

Of course, as in many Bond movies, there is a sexy chick who is after revenge in the name of her late father, who the Mister Meanie of the plot killed many years ago.

That little daughter revenging her father plot has been with Bond since the first one, Dr. No.

The action is plenty of action. It is mostly shooting… another thing, they used the old anchor trick… if the mean thug is about to do Bond in he throws an anchor over the side of a boat which changes everything. Not only do Bond movies do the ole anchor trick so do others, like Jackie Chan movies.

One thing I did like about the movie is big business doing something rotten to the general pubic and is brought down for it… I mean, brought down hard…. Ouch!

There are a bunch of chases in the movie. Dare-devil jumps and leaps and speed boat chases, roof top chases, plane chases, and more.

What I would love to have seen but didn’t was a death defying chase with the James Bond chasing the villain … swinging on ropes, jumping roof tops, chasing in cars, speed boats, and finally 007 corners the guy and has his gun to the guy’s head and then… and then….
Then he suddenly tags the guy and says, “You are it!” And then James runs away at full speed.

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