Thursday, May 07, 2009


Yesterday I went to another waiting room of another doctor. This time it was my chiropractor.

There was only one seat available in the waiting room. I sat down. It was a small waiting room. Directly across from me was a lady with a respiration protection blue mask on. She was mumbling something to the lady next to her.

Then, after a while she turned her head and noticed me and her eyes widened. Being invisible most of the time I am rarely disruptive. Evidently, she didn’t see me creep in.

She studied me for a minute and then went back talking to the lady next to her – the mask muffled her voice. She kept looking back at me and talking. The other lady looked at me occasionally but didn’t want to look opinionated. I wonder how the lady understood the masked one. She only made muffled sounds and you certainly couldn’t read her lips. I think some of it was body language.

I flipped through a NEWSWEEK magazine. I read an interesting little article that insinuated that Russ Limbaugh is feared about as much as Joe McCarthy was back in the 50s. If Russ says anything against a conservative Republican, even though they know what Russ says is wrong, other conservative Republicans will not come to his aid and to speak for, or stand by their friend – they know it would be political suicide.

Oh, where is Edward R. Murrow now that we need him?

After I read that I picked up a FITNESS magazine. The woman with the mask studied every page (upside down) that I flipped to. Most pages had a beauty, with good muscle tone - well that was what the FITNESS magazine was about… how to eat right and exercise right. I could tell the woman was frowning behind that mask on what I was looking at.

I wonder why she had that mask on - if she was paranoid over catching the Swine Flu. As I wondered suddenly I felt that I had to sneeze. What would she do if I sneezed? If I sneezed and spray her with a fine mist of mucus droplets what would she do? Start beating me with her umbrella?

Then the nurse called her back. And I didn’t have to sneeze anymore.

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