Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Too Many Regulations? Take a Chain Saw to Them ?

Some people would like to take a chainsaw to regulations governing businesses.  Well, they are costly, and the costs are passed on to the consumers whether they want them or  not.

HOWEVER!!  Do you know of any regulation that is not for the protection of the consumer?  There may be some, but I don’t think they are many.   Most regulations are to keep your food, driving, activities, and finances safe.  Plus, to allow companies to bid on government contracts and to keep prices competitive and meet safety standards.

Imagine if they were no quality inspecting engineers enforcing regulation standards in the Department of Defense

Also, many people have died from e coli infections because a food processing plant was not inspected because of a shortage of inspectors.  And the same has happened with other industries, where the budget limited inspectors.

Are speed limit signs on the side of the road there for a reason?



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