Monday, May 28, 2018

Bow Wow!

A couple years ago Willow and I were walking on Bryant Lane, about a block away when a German Shepherd started barking at us.  We were not that concerned because he dog was attached to a long chain.  It ran towards us and he chain tightened up and jerked the dog back to reality. 

A man in the house opened the door to see what his dog was barking at, and held the door opened wide enough to shout at his dog to shut up.  While he was holding the door opened another German Shepherd ran under his arm and out towards us.  He ran up to us growling and kind of jumped on Willow, I think it was just a threat.  The man was close behind him and jerked him off and let him know he was a “Bad Dog!” and apologized to us.

Remember the incident above as this unfolds.

There is a lady in our neighborhood who walks her dog or dogs daily.  She is very identifiable.  I see her walking from time to time as far as a mile away, sometimes with one dog and sometimes with two dogs.  Sometimes another lady walks with her, like today.  Up to this point I have never spoken to her.

Walking down Bryant Lane I saw the two ladies and one dog approaching from the opposite direction.  As we got closer they suddenly looked to their left and the lady with the dog left quickly, during an quick turn.  The other lady stayed and faced a German Shepherd approach her.  It was loose!

The next moment the dog was lying on its back and she was petting it.  Then, she grabbed the dog’s collar and walked it out of sight.

Willow and I got the heck from the scene. 

About twenty minutes later on another street we approached the two women and the dog again.  I asked them what happened  and the one that stayed to face the dog said it was very friendly and wanted to be petted.  On its collar was a number to call, if lost.  She called it and it was the house that she was in the front yard when was calling.  The interrupted herself and said, “They have two German Shepherds!”

“I know!” I said, and I told them of Willow’s and my experience with them.

All’s well that ends well


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