Friday, May 11, 2018

Nancy is a good place for family tree researchers to belong.   Members are encouraged to contribute their family trees to their vast collection.   A member can probably surf around with the help of the index and find a relative or relatives he or she are researching.  In fact, has a program that surfs around all the data and when it spots what is probably the same person, but maybe one lacks some data, like birthplace, it will contact you and you can check it out and make changes as to your data, as you see fit.

It also allows you to communicate with other members with your own name.

The other day I received an via Ancestry email  asking me if I had pictures of William and Emaline Ray Hunter, my great grandparents.  The guy that wrote is a Ray descendant and is collecting old  Rays’ pictures.   He addressed me as “Nancy”. 

I wrote him back and said I had four pictures of William and Emaline.

He wrote me back, again, addressing me as “Nancy” and asked me to mail them to him and gave me his home address.

I wrote him back and said “First of all, my name is not “Nancy” then I explained to him it would be cheaper and quicker to email them to him and asked him for his email address.

He wrote back with his email address.  The email started off saying,:

“Nancy”, I apologize for calling you Nancy, it was certainly unintentional.


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