Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Gary McKee is Live and Well

Today we were sitting in a doctor’s waiting room waiting.  The receptionist was behind her counter giving a new patient some paper work to fill out.

Suddenly I heard a squawk or squeal or some other excited tone explode from the receptionist.  I’m not sure she actually said his name but in a short moment we knew she was waiting on Gary McKee, famous Atlanta DJ of the 1970s on WQXI, a.k.a. 94Q.

I heard her apologize saying she knows she is not suppose to say last names out loud, but…..  (I don't think he mind at all).

Once he sat down to fill out the forms Anna and I had a chance to chat with him..  He actually is very human.

I told him each morning I switched back and forth between him and Skinny Bobby Hopper.  Both were very entertaining.

Some how my blog chicken-fat.com got caught up in the conversation and he seemed interested in that.

Man!  I’m so proud of me!  


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