Monday, May 28, 2018


I had to scan the cover sideways because of its odd shape.

I came across this magazine AVANT GARDE this weekend.  According to the publisher’s statement it was published in 1969.  I probably have some more AVANT GARDEs around, they will emerge someday out of rubbish, just like Phoenix.

Interesting, the editor was Ralph Ginzburg,  Ralph back then made quiet a name for himself being a trail blazer of Freedom of Speech, Press, and self-expression.

This issue has some very unflattering paintings of ugly new women; time with John and Yoko; photojournalism of a picture of a women’s legs and ass (nude) bending over in several out of context background; an article comparing Jews, Catholics, and Protestants; D. H. Lawrence; a photo journalism look at all the rooms at Ellis Island. 

I think this is issue number 8 (there is an 8 embedded in the title.  I don’t think it lasted many issues after that.

Inside cover, contents, top left.  
Directly under the title the staff is listed.


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