Monday, May 07, 2018

Part Time Help at Walmart

Brad Martin behind The Red-Eyed Mule

The other day we were in a Walmart Superstore in the Garden Department picking out some flowers for a couple of planters outside our house.

Nearby was a Walmart worker, middle- age, who knew where everything was. Working with her was a tall gawky talkative young man. He is probably a student at Kennesaw College.
They were near, so I couldn’t help hearing parts of their conversations.

Gawky Young Man: OK, I’ll finish watering these flowers, if the hose will reach. I wonder why the other guy didn’t finish? Maybe he ran out of hose and went to get another hose, or maybe another hose on the other side will reach right where this one ends.

Middle- age woman worker: nothing.

Gawky young man looking a small loudly colored cacti sorted on shelves: Look at these colors! I don’t suppose they are painted that way. I wonder they genetically altered them to have such colors? Maybe they had to do a series of cacti over several generations…. Who knows?

Middle- age woman worker: nothing.

Gawky Young Man: Hey Look at this plant? What is it? Is it a native around here or from another part of the world?

Middle- age Woman Worker: nothing.

Me to Anna: Brad Martin got himself a part time job at Walmart.


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