Sunday, May 20, 2018

Royal Luncheon

After watching the Royal Wedding and hearing the NBC commentators explain to me what was going on and the British traditions of what and why they were doing, I feel I learned some things.  Like some traditions was for very practical reasons, like the dress-code for the women that would be close to the queen, physically, had to wear something drab or unbright.  And the Queen’s dress code was to wear something bright, to make her stand out.  Isn’t that practical?  That is reason Jimi Hendrix was fired from the James Brown band, he was better than the leader.

It got me thinking, what if to get a good press coverage of the wedding the reporter and chief writer of the blog Chicken-fat was invited with an all- expense paid trip to cover the wedding.  
Look!  Here is the chicken-fat star reporter sitting down to eat at Royal After-Wedding Luncheon now.
Waiter:  Sir please, remember when the Queen enters everyone is to stand.  And also stand for the newly marrieds when they arrive.
Chicken-fat:  No problem, I got it.
Waiter:  And remember, do not start eating until the Queen takes the first bite.
Chicken-fat:  I got it!
Waiter:  And when the Queen stops eating, everybody will stop eating.  The meal is over.  Now, is there anything else I can do for you?
Chicken-fat:   Yes, there is:  a  “to-go box” please.


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