Thursday, May 31, 2018

Press Conference with Bob Dylan, 1965

I am currently reading ONCE UPON A TIME, THE LIVES OF BOB DYLAN by Ian Bell.

I say “currently” although it seems I have been reading it forever, or at least months and months.  It is on an e-book, and it looks like 5 pages equal 1%.  Today I  hit the 44% mark. 

I have a short attention span so it is doubly hard to stay reading the same book, so during this time, I have already averted reading three or four other books, which of course, slowed down my pace, or delayed my finishing time on this one.

I am not ready to talk about he book.  I might do that after I finish.
To pacify my sort attention span, I took a break yesterday  and found on You-Tube a 51 press conference  Bob Dylan had in San Francisco .  He was just a kid, but had his own plane to get him and his band to gigs.

I have read in the book I’m reading that he can spot someone phony or a pseudointellectual instantly.  You can tell in this video of the press conference he picks up on that several time and almost, with a smirk,  mocks some of the reporters.

I thought “you know” was something only about a decade old of a way of delaying the answer to a question until you find the right words.  When I hear someone say that, I want to say, “No we don’t know, that is why we are asking you.”  Dylan used “You know” over and over in his press conference.   And Bob Dylan is known to be a man of words.

The press conference above in informative and interesting, click on it if you have 51 minutes.   Actually you can do it increments, It took me about four increments (my short attention span).

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