Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hunter - England Cabin in Union County, Ga

I haven't shown this picture in a while.  It is a post card from Union County, Georgia.  On the back it says it is the Daniel England Cabin and it is the oldest man made dwelling still standing in Union County.   I hate to disagree with a post card, but the part about Daniel England is misleading.  It is the John Hunter Cabin.  John built it and died in it about 1848.  Then his daughter Harriet and her husband Daniel England took possession of it.

Also, a little side story to go along with the cabin, the Nottely River runs behind the cabin.  It is one of the rare rivers that flow north.    Back when Daniel England and his wife Harriet Hunter lived there once the Coot Ray Gang was going cabin to cabin and robbing the families at gun point, so the story goes.  Daniel and his siblings knew they were be at their cabins soon, so they hid all their valuables someplace on the banks of the Nottely River and some believe it is still there.

When my sons were young we went inside the cabin one time.  I was amazed how small the inside was.  It was no bigger than a great room or a den in some houses today.  The fireplace was made of large uncut rock.  Winding in between the rocks was a snake skin.  Apparently a snake molten itself out of it.  My boys thought that was pretty cool.  I did too.

New owners bought the property and ordered the cabin to be bulldozed down to make way for something new.  My distant cousin Charlie Hunter bought the cabin and paid to have the materials disassembled and numbered with hopes of reassembling someday.  I was told today that the Union County Government is now in possession of it.  



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