Friday, July 05, 2013

Cajun Gulf Seafood - We will be back.

Today  we had lunch at Cajun Gulf Seafood.  They offer varieties of combinations  of different kinds of fish, shellfish,  and apparently  some hushpuppies, french fries, and a slice of white loaf bread, and a small salad decorate each plate.

You can have Cajun or not Cajun.  I ordered Cajun Catfish and shrimp.   The only difference I saw in the non-Cajun Anna ordered  and Cajun dishes is that the Cajun dishes come with a little cup that looks like a dry-rub, but ahh, it is much spicier.    I think the slice of white loaf bread could have been left off, after all the fish and the shrimp are breaded and it comes with hushpuppies.

I thought the shrimp was good and so was the fish, but on the fish the breaded coat slid off like a sweater, on my plate and Anna's. which I think is a good thing,  Fried foods aren't good for  us anyway.

While we were there two men came in, not together.  I think one ordered a bucket of crawfish and the other ordered a bucket of some kind of boil that had potatoes in it.  They sat down in different parts of the room and focused in on biting heads off, sucking, and whatever else you do to buckets of things like that.  I could tell each knew what they were doing.

We will probably go back.  We forgot to use our coupon.   They are located on the 4-Lane next to Bojangles across from Walker School or the old Sprayberry High School .



Blogger Stuart Clark said...

I have eaten Étouffée and Jambalay at New Orleans Bar and Grill and both were delicious taste. The best seafood Greensboro Restaurant I ever found.

3:52 AM  

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