Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Moon's Store

This is  Darling Moon (1885-1955) and his wife Lena Foster (1877-1939).  Lena was my mother-in-law Marie's aunt.  She was born in the Alpharetta- Milton Area.  Darling was born in Monroe, Georgia. She and Darling owned a store on Roswell Street in Marietta.  They sold the property and it became the home of Johnson Tire Company, almost across the street from Roswell Street Baptist Church.

They are both buried at Mountain View Cemetery, in Marietta.

Ray Ruggles commented:  About 1946 we lived on Aviation St and one afternoon Mother went to the store you wrote about. She took me, age 4 and my sister age 6.  When we got to Roswell Street I broke and ran across to the store and half way across the street I was hit and run over by a car. I can only remember the big black wheels of the car as I lay under the car. Except for the butt whipping I was unhurt. Thanks for the memories!



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