Saturday, July 27, 2013

Concert on the Square and the Ass-Holes

We went to the monthly concert in Downtown Marietta in Square last.  The music was by The Grapevine Band from Macon.  They rocked out.

However, many people arrived early or minutes ahead of the concert to get the place  they wanted to watch and listen and after the concert started were hoards of people that by bunches, and dribbles all the way one to one hour after the concert began.  They were disruptive and hoggish, taking their time getting in people's line of vision that thought ahead of time.  I think they were very inconsiderate or a bunch of ASS-HOLES!

Near the end a couple of interesting things we noticed.  Someone had something like a Japanese Lantern at a table.  It had a candle in it.  Just like a hot air balloon it took flight.  It was shaped more like a cube  than a balloon... but it went up and up and you could see the candle inside burning.

Some still pictures.

Sidewalk Cafe just like Paris at Marietta Pizza.  Great Chicken Salad!

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