Monday, July 29, 2013

Nights at Guston's Grille

Saturday evening we ate at Guston's Grille in Woodstock.  We have eaten there before and was not that impressed.  But this time we were.  The waitresses (we had two, one was a trainee) were sharp and professional  and the food was great.   

Guston's Grille is on the edge of a shopping center and is big.  I have seen Greyhound Bus Stations not as big.  We arrived around 6pm because we were warned by our friend Christine that they would have live music  later in the evening.  
As we came in some people were bringing in inflated balloons and gifts.  It was somebody's birthday party.   After we were seated I saw a balding middle aged, alone, walk in with a present and another inflated balloon.  He looked awkward, I think because he had to walk partially by the bar crowd to get to the birthday group.  I should have offered to carry the balloon and present for him to keep him from feeling awkward.

Guston's seems to be a successful  grille and bar.  They encourage things on certain nights, which I'm sure draw people.  I couldn't get it straight in my mind which night was for what but:

One night is Prime Rib Night, two prime rib dinners for a good price.  I could eat two medium  rare prime ribs, so that would suit me fine.

Trivia Night.  I like to watch Jeopardy and get a quiet a few questions (or answers ) right.  I also have a Jeopardy game on my ipad that I play often..  So, I think I might be able to kick butt in the trivia contest.

Karaoke Night.  Of course, that speaks for itself. You get up in front of everybody and make a fool of yourself.  There is a $10 entry fee.  I never sung in front of anybody (not even in church), but when I am by myself I do hum tunes that I can not get out of my head, and the more I hum the better I get.  Maybe if I paid my $10 entry fee, sit and have a few stiff drinks and hum, and which I reach the point near perfection I will run up, bump the present contender off the stage and hum my karaoke song   Of course, I might require as a backup music instrument a comb and waxed paper.  I just might walk away with the jackpot.... or might not.

I don't know if they have a night for Stand-Up Comedy Night.  That might be nice.  But I would get heckled then I would throw a drink in the heckler's face.... it may have a sad ending.

Bingo Night?  What about Fight Night?  They are just down up the road about a block from the Little River Methodist Church so I bet  Strip Night will not even be a consideration.


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