Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daniel England and His Uncle Moses Harshaw, "The Meanest Man in Georgia"

Not long ago I talked about the John Hunter - Daniel England Cabin in Union County, Georgia.  Here is the England part of that ownership, Harriet Hunter (daughter of John Hunter) and her husband Daniel England.

Daniel had an aunt, Nancy England.  Nancy was married to Moses Harshaw.  Here is what I have on  Moses:

Among other things Moses is said to have killed his slaves when they got too old to be profitable, forcing them to leap from cliffs of nearby Lynch Mountain or dig their own graves if they were still able.  When traveling about in his buggy, Harshaw some times had a slave in tow, the unfortunately black pulled along behind at the end of a long leather strap securely attached to a collar fitted snugly around his or her neck.
It is said that his tombstone bore the words "Died and Gone to Hell", however now the grave is unmarked.
-"LIVING ON THE UNICOI ROAD" pg53, by Matt Gedney

He was considered at the time, "The Meanest Man in Georgia".

History of The Stovall House
Constructed in 1837 as a private residence, The Stovall House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The original structure, one of the first residences in the area after the departure of the Cherokee Indians, was built by Moses Harshaw, a colorful Character in the history of the area who was reputed to be "the meanest man who ever lived ". Although an attorney by profession, he worked the land as a farmer and gold miner. He built the house and settled in the Sautee Valley because of its extraordinary beauty.

The Inn is named after the William Stovall family who resided in the house from 1893 to the late 1940's and developed the house to its present state. - WEBSITE


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