Monday, July 22, 2013

Old Postcard of the Seminole Indians in Florida

This old postcard card of the Seminole Indians in the  Florida Everglades reminds me of the movie DISTANT DRUMS that I saw years go.  It was produced in 1951.  It starred Gary Cooper as an Army officer in charge of a group of settlers, trying to get them out of harms way.  I don't remember the details, I was so young and the message was simple.  The Indians were the bad guys.   I'm sure the Indians had their side of the story too. 

The Indians should have demanded equal time.  That is what they should have done.   There were about a  seventy or eighty year span in movie production where the Indians were automatically the bad guys.  those mean old Indians didn't step aside when the white people started pushing them off their lands.  They were savages.

I remember I was so impressed with the movie and body parts I sat through it twice and saw it a third time a couple years later. 

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