Friday, July 19, 2013

MAD at my IPad Handling MAD

cover art by editor Harvey Kurtzman

The above picture is the cover for the first issue of MAD.  MAD #1.  The latest issue is MAD #522.  The first  23 issues were comicbooks.  Then they graduated to  the magazine size, mainly to stay away from comicbook censors, but jokingly they said something like, "Look for us in the coloring book section!"

Presently, I get  my MAD subscription in the electronic format, downloaded to me to my ipad.

Yesterday for no apparent reason I can see I was made available the first 23 issues of MAD comicbook.  On my magazine or periodicals section of my ipad they have pictures of the first 23 issues and a button to download  each.  Although I have the same 23 issue electronically on other MAD formats, such as CDs and DVDs for the heck of it I downloaded the first two, MAD #1 and MAD #2.

Here is the rub.  They are hard to keep their picture on the screen.  I have tried a dozen or so times to go through each  issue page by page, and always near the end of the first story, or at the beginning of the second story the screen goes black, then the opening facebook screen comes up, like you just turned it on.
I think the problem may be my ipad.  It is the first version that came out, so it may not have enough memory or something.

Tch tch.  Too bad.

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