Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tooting My Own Horn

Well, actually, someone emailed me some nice complements, so I'll yank him in front of me and let him do the tooting.  That way it doesn't look like I am wallowing in my own inflated ego (name withheld):

Hello Sir,

I stumbled upon your blog when searching around the internet for more information on the Leo Frank hanging.

Anyhow, I think your blog and the wealth of information on Marietta/surrounding is very interesting. I'm only 31 but have lived in the area for this much of my life and find a lot of the things you blog about to be very informative.

One story that blew my mind, and one in which I'm not able to locate any more information on, is the shooting at the dentist office on Canton highway. I think your story started with a hog being field dressed behind the Wendy's. I live right around the corner from there Canton/Kurtz Road. Anyhow, I remember going into the show store as a kid. Shaw Park is right behind all of that if I remember right. My brother played ball there as a kid as well.

Something else I've learned from your blog is the drug store explosion in 1963. Where in the square was this? I can't seem to find much on the actual location.

I saw your post from a cemetery in the area (can't recall the name) but Coryell rang a bell. My wife and lived off Coryell when we first got married and my dad owned a small shop behind the Ace on Roswell (shop was on Lakewood. It's now a scooter/ATV sales shop). I worked there for a few years selling old car/hotrod parts until I got out of school. I would go running around Marietta, through the square, down Powder Springs, Waterman, etc. and walk through the National Cemetery. My brothers ex wife's father is buried there. Always found the area very "mystical" with all of the history that Marietta holds.

I laughed at the story of the pig off of Barnes Mill Road. I drive down that way sometimes when traffic is bad on 75 and still see a few "farms" in the area.

What do you know about the Tritt Family? I used to run around their old property on Post Oak Tritt back before it was bulldozed for a subdivision. We'd go in their old house, ride bikes on the farm land and smoke cigarettes in the woods. I remember when that was all farmland where the middle school and subdivisions now sit.

Anyhow, good stuff. I'll be checking it daily.



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