Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is Today Sadie Hawkins Day? Really?

It is official.  Today is Sadie Hawkins Day.  It is in the on-line This Day in History and also Days, such as Eat a Pumkin Day, etc.

Do you know what Sadie Hawkins Day is?  It is the one day of the year that if you are single you can be chased down like an innocent babe and then carried to the finish line where Marrying Sam is waiting to marry you to whomever dragged you kicking and screaming and threw you down in front of him.  And it is all legal (in thel comic world).

I wondered how they came up with today is the day?  Al Capp created  Sadie Hawkins for a yearly event in his Li'l Abner daily comic strip.  It seems it would be hard to pinpoint a day, since the story would be dragged on for a few weeks, like in a tv soap opera a single conversation can last several days. 

I remember one time Al Capp was interviewed and he was asked exactly what date of the year is Sadie Hawkins Day ever year.  He replied, "When I say it is."

I don't know if today is the technically the legal day for Sadie Hawkins Day or not, but I would watch my back, to be on the safe side.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any day is Sadie Hawkins Day!!

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