Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dixieland Motel, Marietta, Ga

This is a postcard of the Dixieland Motel in Marietta.   It is no longer there.  The highway it was on was the US 41, aka Dixie Higway.  Years later it was known as the 4-Lane and today, it is known as Cobb Parkway, South (in this case).

Any address north of the Big Chicken is Cobb Parkway, North and any address is Cobb Parkway, South.  When delivering or sending mail it is important you specify north or south.  Pretend the Big Chicken is number 100 (actuall, I think it is 100) and two blocks north of it you have a 200 address and two blocks south of it there is also 200 address.

The numbers on Cobb Parkway get bigger as you go away from it.

If you notice, all address street numbers get bigger as the further away from the courthouse you get.  And, also the odd numbers are on the left side and the right side is even, if the courthouse is behind you.

Take notes, someday you might want to a postal or UPS employee or a taxi driver.


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