Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Peter Bagge's RESET & Mark Bagley's Fantastic 4

Yesterday I went to Doctor's No's Comicbook Shop on Canton Road, in Marietta to browse around. 

I noticed that Peter Bagge has a new series out named RESET.  There are 4 issues in all.  The first one is numbered 1 of 4, and the last one is numbered 4 of 4 and you know what each of the middle two is numbered.

I know of Peter Bagge's work and like it so I bought the first two issues of RESET.  So far I have read the first 10 or 12 pages of the first issue and roughly it is about a has-been entertainer who is back at the bottom and broke.  At a DUI class a researcher culls him out and make arrangements with him for some tests or experiments - who knows yet.  He will be paid for his time, so that got his attention and he reported to the lab.  They put a virtural helment on him and it is a virtural video of his life staring from the time he graduated from high school.  It looks like it is going to be pretty good.

Oh did I mention that during the virtual trip in Virtual Memory Lane he gets to make choices to make his life turn out differently.

Peter Bagge created a long running comicbook named HATE!  It was about the Brady family focuses in mostly on the oldest son, who is sort of sentimental hippy who loved old things and is profound in a crabby sort of way.  I now want to re-read my HATE!! issues, although they were kind of embarrasing to read in public.  People see the title and for that alone, think you are a nut-job - even if you get by the reading a comicbook as a 71 year old man.

While in Doctor No's I asked the person waiting on me what was Mark Bagley up to?   Both the clerk and the owner, Cliff Biggers, behind him said Mark is now working on FANTASTIC FOUR.  They had the newly released issue #1, which I bought also.

Cliff Biggers got Mark started into being a comicbook artist and I think still has a friend/professional relationship with him.  Mark did SPIDERMAN for years, then a year of SUPERMAN and I don't know of what else he has been up to.  He is my first cousin Patti's husband (my claim to fame).  I bought that too.

I wonder if I am his HULK model and don't know it?



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