Sunday, November 04, 2012

HUMBUG Magazine #1 the first pages


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Inside Cover

"The End of the World is Coming!" is a headline that will most likley get your attention.  This is the first part of the first issue of HUMBUG.  HUMBUG was a MAD-like publication in the 1950s.  Why shouldn't it be MAD-like, it was created by the same gang of idiots that created MAD.  The magazine was owned and operated by Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Elder, and others with a MAD influence.  Strangely, Jack Davis was a contributor but not a owner.  They all left MAD because of a power struggle and Hugh Hefner, publisher of PLAYBOY, sat them up with TRUMP Magazine, which was an expensive slick version of MAD and it lasted only two issues.  Then the creators themselves created HUMBUG, which proved that you need left and right brained people to run a business and make a profit.  It lasted 11 issues.

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