Monday, November 19, 2012

NYC, Revisited

Washington Square

At a family dinner this past weekend Rocky and Sabrina were talking about their trip to New York City the weekend before.  Interesting the only way you could tell Sandy had just tore up the town was the subway system.  Not all stops were back opened yet. They stirred up some of memories of The Big Apple that I have stored back in the back of my brain someplace.

In the Navy I was stationed in Lakehurst, New Jersey, which is about 60 miles away from NYC.  Atlantic City was 40 miles away and Phildelphia was about the same.  And the ocean, Sea Side Heights was only about 12 miles.  We always had interesting places to visit on our off days.

Here are some pictures are NYC pictures taken by me, except the one I'm in of course,  in the mid 1960s:

Times Square


The above two pictures are of my Navy friend Ray Schultz entering the famous Chumley's Speak-Easy in the Village.  I think the top picture is the entrance into the courtyard from the street and the bottem one is knocking on the door and saying, "Al sent me."  Not really, as you you have money, nobody has to recommend you.  However, Chumley's is on the historical landmarks as being a speakeasy during prohibition.

Above 2:  Don Lash.  One is Don in the shadow of the Empire State Building, if I remember correctly, and the bottom is he is taking a picture of me while I was doing likewise in the Guggenheim Museum.

The Village Voice weekly newspaper office

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